Dear Students, Parents & Friends,

Due to the F.O.S. requiring more space in Industriepark 33, I will be relocating The  Guitarworkshop to NEA ZOI Musik Cafe, Sickenbachstraße 6, 84503 Altötting, and will begin teaching there in January 2020 (usual school Times).

Situated in the same area as Opel Auto Händler, PennyMarkt Sickenbachstraße is quiet, away from the main Town, easy to find and 15min from Mühldorf by Autobahn with good parking facilities (see Google Map). The new Studio will have all the facilities as before and more with the Music Cafe having a Concert stage for Live Music, Students will be able to participate or watch free Concerts every 2 weeks on Sunday’s Jam Sessions Where I and several other folks of all ages play.

Naturally due to the inconvenience I will be as flexible as possible and offer priority for Parents and students who may require alternative forms of Teaching with regard to Times or Groups. Naturally the Contract for unterricht stay’s unchanged so those wishing to change or cancel please sign the section included I am excited and looking forward to the New Year with this Project .

There are many other seminars and projects taking place in Nea Zoi including Drum and percussion sessions , Meditation classes and more –

Please check online or

Thank you for your understanding

Creating music is fun.

This statement alone should explain why so many people learn to sing or play an instrument. It doesn’t matter which genre of music you prefer. Rock, Pop, Jazz or even Classic, music is a source of happiness not only to the listener, but also for the player.

Playing an instrument or singing gives us a way to deal with stress and at the same time further enhances our own personal growth and creativity.